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The founder of Peak Sleep to Elite, Dr Elise Facer-Childs offers one to one sleep coaching services to help individuals optimise performance.


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"Sleep is unbelievably important, not just physically but mentally to maximise performance. I've definitely seen some positive results from when I started working with Dr Facer-Childs."

- AFL Premiership Player, Male, 28

"The course helped me so much more than I thought it would. Just being aware of small changes I can make in my life that have huge impact on sleep quality."

- University Student, Female, 19

"Thanks for your help so far! You are providing me with a great insight into sleeping and how complex it can be. I have already noticed small improvements after one week.

- First Responder, Male, 34

"Your sleep course has been so helpful. I have been using the tools and techniques you taught and honestly, this is the best I have slept in 3 years!

- Architect, Female, 25 

"Through working with Dr Facer-Childs, I have really learnt a lot about my sleep habits and will definitely be working on improvements daily. Thank you!" 

- Elite athlete, Male, 21 

"The course covers a lot of topics that I struggle with. Dr Facer-Childs expertly explains why such issues can affect your sleep and then provides mechanisms for improvements. It is set up in a very professional manner." 

- Doctor, Female, 31 

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